We are an independent charity orchestra singing beautiful, majestic songs exclusively about animals. This is because we like animals. They are cute and we want them to live. And we also belive in the fact that everyone on this planet has the right to live in their natural environment.


We started off early Spring 2009. Kristian, in charge of the music-making, research, lyrics and vocals, Amanda pushing the lyrics, doing some more research, drawing animals as well as learning the art of singing. Meanwhile Lina is documenting the progress with her camera while advising what is good and what is not so good.

Soon, we grew bigger and bigger and today we are many more. So many that we don’t even know how many we are. But, we are working on a list of the people that in one way or another have participated. Until then we have this:  

Kristian: song, music www.kristiananttila.com

Amanda: song, animals, dresses www.dreamandawake.com

Lina: photos www.linascheynius.com


Our first song is called “The Panda Song” and is about a panda couple. They end up in a zoo, get depressed and quit having hot sex. That is sad. In the chorus we sing “Pandas are also human, and humans are pandas too”. That means we should treat the animals as our equals.


Well, it could have been a cockroach actually. They’re just not as media-friendly though. And we love music and we love animals, and why not save the world while we’re at it?
So here you go, you can download our song for free. And you can donate some money to the WWF if you want to.
We have a lot of other songs about other animals but that’s for later.

So, go ahead and feel free, have a listen to the first worthy competitor of “We are the world”.  This time, minus the attention-craving billioneers..